Kentucky Family Caregiver Program

The Kentucky Family Caregiver Program offers support to grandparent caregivers by providing information, access assistance, training, counseling, support groups and supplemental services. The program is coordinated with the Title III-E National Family Caregiver Support Program of the Older Americans Act.

LCADD/AAAIL, with funding from the Department for Aging and Independent Living, has established a family caregiver program which serves Adair, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, Green, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, Taylor, and Wayne Counties.

The Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living administers the program through State General funds, and LCAAAIL implements the program to the Lake Cumberland service area. Funds distributed will be prioritized for services to individuals with greatest social and economic need.


A. Grandparent Information (1 contact) – A service for grandparents that provides the public and individuals with information on resources and services available to the individuals within their communities. [Note: service units for information services are for activities directed to large audiences of current or potential grandparents such as disseminating publication, conducting media campaigns, and other similar activities.]

B. Grandparent Assistance (1 Contact) – A service that assists grandparents in obtaining access to the services and resources that are available within their communities. To the maximum extent practicable, it ensures that the individuals receive the services needed by establishing adequate follow-up procedures. [Note: Information and assistance to grandparents is an access service, i.e., a service that:

  • Provides individuals with information on services available within the communities;
  • Links individuals to the services and opportunities that are available within the communities;
  • To the maximum extent practicable, establishes adequate follow-up procedures. [Internet website “hits” are to be counted only if information is requested and supplied.]

C. Grandparent Individual Counseling, Support Group, and Training (1 Session) – Counseling to grandparents to assist them in making decisions and solving problems relating to their caregiver roles. This includes counseling to individuals. Services to assist the grandparents in the areas of health, nutrition, and financial literacy, and in making decisions and solving problems relating to their caregiving roles.

D. Grandparent Supplemental Services (1 Activity) – Services provided to meet identified needs of grandparents raising grandchildren including the following (when using vouchers, each voucher is counted as one unit):

  • Respite (1 Activity) care provided by a caregiver or agency approved by a district for a designated time period; and to temporarily relieve a grandparent who serves as primary caregiver to a grandchild.
  • Legal Assistance (1 Activity) relates to the grandchild’s safety and stability and excludes unlawful activity.
  • Child Clothing and Personal Care Needs (1 Activity).
  • Educational Supplies/Assistance (1 Activity) – is documented by the grandchild’s school of attendance.
  • Medical and Dental (1 Activity) – Co-pays and premiums are prohibited.
  • Furniture (1 Activity) – Bed or dresser to be used by the grandchild.
  • Other (1 Activity) – Supplemental services shall not include:
    • Utilities
    • Appliances for household use, unless approved by the Department
    • Items utilized for the entire family
    • Technology unless prescribed for communication due to a disability
    • Computers unless written documentation is provided by the school requiring a home computer and then only one per household is allowed.


A. Grandparent must be a Kentucky resident. Proof will be determined by address information included on intake form

B. The grandparent must be related to grandchild/ren by birth, through marriage or adoption. Grandparent must show proof of relationship through custody papers, birth certificates or indicate some agency/organization that can verify their relationship (i.e. DCBS or local school system)

C. The grandparent must be the primary caregiver of grandchild/ren (no more than 18 years of age). Proof will be determined through custody papers, birth certificates or indicate some agency/organization that can verify relationship (i.e. DCBS or local school system)

D. The grandparent’s household income must not exceed 150% poverty level. Proof will be determined through federal tax forms, W2, A pay stub, or other documentation of monthly income (Social Security statement, award letters, KTAP letter, etc)

E. The grandparent must reside with the grandchild and may not be residing in the same household with the grandchild’s parent. The grandparent and grandchild can reside in a house owned by the grandchild’s parent.

F. The grandparent may not be receiving Kinship Care assistance. Verification from will be obtained from local DCBS office

G. A grandparent who has adopted a grandchild shall be eligible for the KFCP if the grandparent is not eligible for other state or federal adoption subsidies, and for a period not to exceed one (1) calendar year from final order of adoption

H. Grandparent will be notified by phone or by letter if they are determined ineligible for the program with an explanation.