Workforce Development Department

The Workforce Development Department at LCADD implements the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Department employees provide employment services to adults, youth, dislocated workers and trade-affected workers at One-Stop Career Centers and affiliate sites located within LCADD’s 10-county area, plus Rockcastle, Laurel and Whitley counties. Employees who staff the centers offer a range of services from basic employment assistance to intensive career planning and assessment to training opportunities and job placement.

For more information, contact staff in the Workforce Development Department or visit the Kentucky Career Center — Cumberlands website and the Kentucky Career Center — Cumberlands Facebook page.


Marsha WellsWIOA Program Director
Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth
Barb CampbellWIOA Program Quality Coordinator(serves 13 county area)
Leslie SanduskyAdult, DW, & Youth Career Manager(Casey)
Larry HatfieldAdult, DW, & Youth Career Manager (Cumberland, Wayne)
Nora WilliamsAdult, DW, & Youth Career Manager (Whitley)
Tammy WalkerYouth Career Manager(Laurel, Whitley)
Cassie BertramAdult & DW Career Manager(Taylor)
Jenny HughesOffice Manager/ Career Manager(Green, Taylor)
Karen MillerOne-Stop Operator
Charlotte SmithAdult& DW Career Manager(McCreary, Pulaski)
Kim GibsonAdult, DW, & Youth Career Manager(Clinton, Cumberland)
Shirley EggerReceptionist(Russell)
Business Services
Lisa GosserBusiness Service Coordinator(Adair, Casey, Green, Russell, Taylor)
Sandy BirkholzBusiness Liaison / Adult & DW Career Manager(Laurel, Rockcastle, Whitley)
Michelle Whitis Business Liason

Contracted Services

Cumberlands Workforce Development Board
Myra WilsonWorkforce Director for Cumberlands Development Board
Youth Career Managers
Charlotte BarnettYouth Career Manager(McCreary)
Kristine McCollumYouth Career Manager(Pulaski)
LaQuita GoodinYourth Career Manager(Taylor)