Participant Directed Services (PDS)

Participant Directed Services (PDS) gives Medicaid waiver recipients more choices in the way some Medicaid services are provided. With PDS, Medicaid waiver recipients may choose who will provide approved services as well as how, when and where these services will be provided within approved regulation.


All waiver recipients choosing to utilize PDS will be assigned a Service Advisor. This staff member makes monthly visits with the Participant to help ensure that approved services are being provided and that the Person-Centered Plan is being met. The Service Advisor also manages documentation required by Medicaid in order to maintain the Participant’s waiver status. Waiver programs include Home and Community Based Waiver (HCB), Supports for Community Living (SCL), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI, ABI-LTC) and the Michelle P Waiver (MPW).


To be eligible for a Medicaid waiver program, an individual must meet Level of Care criteria for a nursing facility or intermediate care facility and be determined Medicaid eligible by the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS).

To learn more about PDS and potential services available through waiver by way of our agency, please contact the Aging and Disabilities Resource Coordinator at 270-866-4200.

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